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Rickey Duffy Jr. is anointed and appointed by God; this energetic and enthusiastic drummer will keep you astonished by his quick but controlled hand and foot speed. His creative techniques of drumming are purely fascinating. Duffy's skills encourage most drummers to reach new levels in their playing. His exceptional ability to orchestrate his natural talent in a wide range of musical genres brings a powerful new style of drumming that has placed him among the elite drummers to emerge in the 21st Century. Born in Pensacola, Florida Rickey Duffy Jr. has a great passion for God's music. Rickey first realized this gift at the age of two. He has now been playing the drums for over twenty years! Rickey has had the opportunity to work with many Artists. To name a few, Rickey has performed with well-known gospel artist such as Tasha Cobb, Ernest Pugh and World renowned comedian Rickey Smiley! Rickey toured for several years in the beautiful country of Brazil at Brazil’s most popular music club, The Bourbon Street Music Club with NU-BEGINNINGS, R&B recording artist Erica Falls as well as Recording Jazz Artist Topsy Chatman. Rickey has been blessed to perform at the Expo of Music in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Rickey has also done numerous workshops throughout the State of Florida, and also conferences throughout as well. Rickey serves faithfully as the musical director at Deliverance Tabernacle Christian Center in Pensacola Fl. Rickey is very dedicated to music and has a strong passion for it. Rickey has always kept God first for he knows where his gift came from! God has also given him a ministry called KINGDOM MINDED MUSICIANS to enhance the ministry of young gifted musician. God has allowed Rickey's passion, loyalty, and gift to thrust him to the next level of ministry. Rickey's desire has never been to have the spotlight for him, but his prayer has always been to help others dreams come true while accomplishing his dreams and goals.

Rickey was named the musical director for Antoine Knight, Award winning jazz saxophonist and also performed at 2012 Deluna Music Festival that is held yearly on beautiful Pensacola Beach which is also Rickey's hometown. He also performed at the festival known all over the world as Jazz Festival in the great city of New Orleans, Louisiana where he performed with Erica Falls and Pastor Jai Reed. Rickey has been blessed to have been one of only 2 American drummers to be fully endorsed with Octagon Cymbals out of Sao Paulo. Rickey also was the drummer for recording band Boukou Groove. Rickey served as percussion instructor at Escambia High school until April of 2022.

Rickey has had some amazing opportunities for this highly gifted musician. Rickey played with runner up of how sweet the sound gospel completion choir, Joshua Kagler and HPC and will be featured on Kirk Franklin’s newest gospel reality TV show, “fix my choir!” Rickey served as the director of percussion at Gulf Breeze School in 2014 where he led the Drumline to a first place finish in circuit championships during their indoor Drumline season. Rickey has also directed the percussion Unit at West Florida Technical High School! Rickey Is endorsed with Dream Cymbals and gongs inc for 3 years and has his very own signature drumstick for both drum set and marching snare stick with Agner Drumsticks.

Rickey's humbleness and loyalty to God and his gift has brought him before great men and women. But Rickey as a professional and a Christian play for an audience of one.

Rickey Duffy Jr.

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